Saturday, April 7, 2012


New game will even make a poker face smile!

An exciting new progressive game of poker has been introduced to the casino floor at Carnival City.  Known as Lunar Poker, the game offers increased options, improving the odds and giving players a greater advantage over the house.

Although the game is new to South Africa there is already a pot of R4.373.943 to be won and the accumulated total grows each day.

Quick to learn and simple to play, Lunar Poker is played at a table with a total of four players.

The Game

  • After placing an opening Ante bet, each player and the dealer are dealt five cards, with the dealer’s fifth card placed face up on the table. However, before any cards are dealt, each player may place an additional progressive bet, settled only on these first five cards.
  • While deciding to play or fold against the dealer, players have two options available to them, namely changing any of the cards in their hand for a fee of one Ante, or buying a sixth card, also for a fee of one Ante.
  • A player who holds two different combinations, one of which beats the dealer, will receive payment on both combinations.  However, this is dependent on the first combination beating the dealer’s qualified hand, and having at least one card in the second combination that is not included in the first one.
  • The player has the option of placing an insurance wager on a hand with a combination of trips or higher, against the dealer not qualifying.
  • The dealer needs a combination of Ace-King or higher to play.  If the dealer doesn’t qualify, the player has an option to ‘Buy the Game’ at a fee of one Ante.  For this sum, the dealer will remove the highest valued card from their own hand, replacing it with a new card from the top of the deck.  Should the dealer qualify at this point, any player with a higher winning combination wins.

Regular poker players will agree that Lunar Poker raises the odds on their beating the house.  With so many options available, the player always feels that they are in with a chance of winning the hand.

For more information about Lunar Poker, or for an introduction to the game, please contact the Tables Department at Carnival City on 7523/7528 and 7287

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